Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Let me just say this first. My name is Sutha Stoop. I have owned clubs, stores, mall and as of now I am the owner of Hunters Group and PinkyToasts. I am a designer, and organizer and lost. I have been on Second Life since 2008 and yet I dont have alot of friends that I can just talk to and be goofy. I guess you can say I have wondered around SL lost and alone in a world that is populated from all over the world. Sad right. Well I am hopeing this year to change that. I have made this blog in an attempt to be more out there and not be so shy. I will be something different each week or I will explore a different idea. But i challenge myself to TALK to people and get to have some friends. Maybe even take some pictures and post them here. Right now its just the sad me.

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