Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DAY Two..

I have gone shopping and looked for some items so that maybe I can blend in more. In my attempt to do so I learned something from a new friend of mine. Yep I said it a NEW friend.

Shannon:  nods.  "Well being a furry is more a lifestyle, and most are those that enjoy to explore all forms of their sexuality so the term 'Yiff' or 'Yiffy' means to have sex or to be in a state of arousal.

This was upon me asking her what Yiffyness meant in her profile. I actually I am glad that I asked. This lifestyle of a furry seems more interesting and more rawr. I think i may like this more then I was thinking. Maybe this week I find a new lifestyle. The search and the wonder goes on.

OMG Bondage gods

The Bondage and Yiff Club - Atmosphere is so club. The music is so techno. The bondage is OMG turn me on and leave me there. LOL

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