Tuesday, February 15, 2011

DAY Two..

I have gone shopping and looked for some items so that maybe I can blend in more. In my attempt to do so I learned something from a new friend of mine. Yep I said it a NEW friend.

Shannon:  nods.  "Well being a furry is more a lifestyle, and most are those that enjoy to explore all forms of their sexuality so the term 'Yiff' or 'Yiffy' means to have sex or to be in a state of arousal.

This was upon me asking her what Yiffyness meant in her profile. I actually I am glad that I asked. This lifestyle of a furry seems more interesting and more rawr. I think i may like this more then I was thinking. Maybe this week I find a new lifestyle. The search and the wonder goes on.

OMG Bondage gods

The Bondage and Yiff Club - Atmosphere is so club. The music is so techno. The bondage is OMG turn me on and leave me there. LOL

First Week Feb 14.

My first week, my attempt to be alot more less me. I am going to be a furry this week. For some this is nothing, natural, but for me that means people might notice me. Which honestly scares the living shit out of me. Im not like everyone else that likes to be noticed and looked at. I rather just slip in the crowd and listen to other be interesting. I have never in my life ever thought I had anything interesting to say or do. In the effort to change that I have made myself a bright rainbow furry. So far Ive been called that Zebra Strip Bubble Gum.. am not sure if that was a good thing or bad. But at least someone noticed me so I cant be doing anything that bad.

Here are some of the places i stopped today and what I first thought. Not saying that this is how it always is but this is how it was when i popped in. I might go back later this week. You never know.

[TYF] The Yiff Factory- Gay-Lesbian-Straight Furry Nightclub The atmosphere is incredible. The beach or port area below the club is very welcoming hangout place. Whoever is the owner of this place really designed it to have little personal hangout for small groups and even a small area or two for romantic setting. Very nice if you had someone special. I would have to say the downside of this would have to be...it was dead when i was there. There was a few people there but i think maybe i just missed the party or something. NO one talked to me and there seems to be some kind of staff here. I didnt get a hello or a welcome to the place when i entered.I would have to say that I do like this place so I will come back. Hell maybe even after my week..hmm ponders.

The Herm Hideaway This place is small and the close atmosphere of the place seems ideal for me to make some new friend. Although I have to admit I am a little lost as to what I herm is.  I am not sure if there ladies with cocks or if i am reading this all wrong. If there is someone out there that can help me. let me know LOL. Anyways the meeting room as i call is is very cozy and very well organized. The place feels more like someones home your hangout in rather then some stuffy club. There is plenty of room for people to gather and chat. I have to say I did feel comfortable enough to sit down and start chatting. Very nice place for sure.


Let me just say this first. My name is Sutha Stoop. I have owned clubs, stores, mall and as of now I am the owner of Hunters Group and PinkyToasts. I am a designer, and organizer and lost. I have been on Second Life since 2008 and yet I dont have alot of friends that I can just talk to and be goofy. I guess you can say I have wondered around SL lost and alone in a world that is populated from all over the world. Sad right. Well I am hopeing this year to change that. I have made this blog in an attempt to be more out there and not be so shy. I will be something different each week or I will explore a different idea. But i challenge myself to TALK to people and get to have some friends. Maybe even take some pictures and post them here. Right now its just the sad me.